Drink we all do. Lemonade, chocolate milk, tea, cola, water or anything else. Teeth can get cavities if there all day just sweet drinks are drunk . Water is harmless to teeth, even tea without sugar/milk. Water is the only thing you can drink without the risk of cavities. Throughout the day and also at night Lemonade, fruit juices and milk drinks taste sweet. Often there is more sugar than you think. So beware: do not drink for the whole day lemonade carbonated acidic, especially colas. Acid can dissolve substances also can affect your teeth. Put a penny in coke and you will see that he has a nice shine after a week!

Your child should brush out for themselves, but we cannot expect as much structure in it. You must need to brush till your child is about 10 years. In the evening after brushing teeth should be really only drank water and nothing more to be eaten!

It is not necessary that the first encounter with the dentist is annoying for the child. If you are going for regular dental check it is " just normal" that your child goes. The frequency is then taken and your child will go naturally for half yearly audit; it is not a special event. From about two years, the toddler will go to the dentist, it is only for control of the milk teeth. The treatment of children often requires a different approach than in adults. 


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