Biannual monitoring
We hope to see you regularly for the semi-annual monitoring so that we can bring your oral health card and if necessary, can take action. A healthy mouth and beautiful teeth starts with prevention. Either prevention is better than cure.

Treatment at the dental hygienist
Our hygienist focuses on prevention and oral care, so as to prevent tooth decay and gum disease and combat. To help you maintain healthy teeth is a good oral hygiene essential. We advise our patients to visit the dental hygienist. Regularly visit.

Anxiety Patients
It's good to know that you are not the only person that has fear of the dentist. Our team is ready to will be the boss of the faer step by step. That is why in our personal attention a consistance visit to the dental hygienist is importance.

It's good to have all become accustomed to visiting the dentist your child from an early age. Here we will playfully let your child get used to the seat, materials and staff, without all dental treatments are needed. If, however, dental treatments are needed then we will be there to take all the time and the treatment step by step explanations to find, so your child will feel at ease place.

Endodontic treatment ( root canal / nerve treatment)
If a nerve of your tooth is infected or affected by, for example tooth decay, an improperly fitting or leaking stuffing or accident, irritated, then this treatment should be performed. Irritated and infected root canals are then filed clean and rinsed with disinfecting.

Restorative treatment
Filling: as a part of your tooth is affected by tooth decay (caries) than some may be lost. By making a filling, we can according to your tooth recover without further damage will occur.
Crowns: for large fillings to crowns a preference to restore the function of your tooth and reduce the chance of breakage.

Periodontal disease is a gum disease caused by bacteria that spreads to the subjacent bone. Usually you notice periodontitis until an advanced stage because the initial symptoms often do not (pain ) complaints. Teeth can be quite cool but the underlying bone can be affected so that your teeth can be mobile, or you can even lose. By a proper periodontal treatment, this process can be stopped.
Healthy gums have a pink color and is firm to the teeth. Healthy gums are attached to the teeth; only at the edge of the gum, between the gums and the teeth, there is a narrow shallow space. This space is called a pocket and is in healthy gums, at most 3 mm deep. Healthy gums do not bleed when brushing and cleaning between the teeth with eg toothpicks or eating.

Recognized referrers
Occasionally it may happen that we have to work with a fellow specialist. We work with highly skilled specialists who ensure that your treatment is carried out as well as possible.